Slip and Fall

Have you been injured as a result of falling inside or outside a business?

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Under Michigan Law, business owners are required to warn and protect customers from harmful situations when they shop or visit a business. This includes keeping the floors safe and surrounding areas in reasonably safe condition to avoid a customer from slipping & falling. Too many times, business owners and corporations neglect their duty and fail to properly maintain their premises, thus resulting in customers like you and me slipping & falling and suffering injury.

Top 5 Slip & Fall Tips to protect your case and allow Elassal & Associates to get you the compensation you deserve:

  1. Report your slip & fall immediately to the store (almost every large corporation will have a manager fill-out an incident report to document your presence and injury at the store).
  2. Take pictures if possible (cell phone cameras are excellent to document the scene at that moment and preserve evidence).
  3. Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses that may have been in the area during the time of your fall (if you are with someone, have them politely ask witnesses for their contact telephone number at the least). 
  4. Seek medical attention for your injuries (request an ambulance be called immediately to transport you to the hospital if necessary). 
  5. Contact 313-LAW-HELP as soon as possible so we can begin working on your case for FREE until we WIN!