Drinking and Driving DEFENSE!

Most Clients believe that once a police officer stops them, they have done something wrong or the police officers are automatically right. This is definitely not the case and most often your Constitutional Rights have been violated by wrongful police actions, procedure or conduct. Police officers and the testing machines, too often make mistakes. We analyze every detail of your stop and sobriety tests to ensure that every single procedure has been followed by the police officer and ensure that your RIGHTS have not been violated.

Elassal & Associates has been extremely successful in defending Drunk Driving cases in almost every city and county in the Michigan area. Any Attorney can show up to Court and get a deal – Lawrence Elassal examines every single sentence and word in a police report to begin the unique process of defending your DUI/OWI case. Elassal & Associates strategically drafts motions in almost every DUI case to give you every advantage and possibility of reducing or dismising your charges. Extensive investigation into your situation, conducting proper Disovery to obtain any and all police information against you, and drafting the specialized motions before getting to Court is what makes the difference. This comes from truly knowing and understanding the intracacies of the law and Court procedures to present the right motions and put the Prosecution in a weak position and allowing your charges to be substantially reduced or DISMISSED!

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